White Glove Tree Services
White Glove Tree Services
White Glove Tree Services

Tree Pruning and Removal

    Diseased, dying or dead trees ultimately need to be removed. The City of Toronto has numerous Tree By-laws that most homeowners are unaware of. Some trees can be removed without a permit while others require an arborist report and then a request for removal permit from the city. Dead and/or dangerous trees can be removed immediately without the need for a permit. We can guide you through the process to ensure the by-laws are met, permits are acquired when necessary and we can complete the work quickly at a competitive price. With any tree pruning or removal we always ask whether you prefer that we remove the wood or we are happy to cut to length and stack to dry for firewood.

Cabling and Bracing

    As trees grow with age they often become overburdened or unbalanced with weight. This can lead to damage by wind, snow load or ice build-up. Dead, broken or diseased limbs should be professionally removed to prolong tree health and reduce potential chance of damage to person or property. Both smaller and mature trees should be selectively pruned or "limbed" to promote improved tree growth, allow sunlight to reach your grass and reduce the potential for damage during severe weather. When larger limbs become unstable they can often benefit from bracing or by being cabled to a larger section to improve limb strength and prolong limb and tree life. Should you have older trees with larger or unbalanced limbs that concern you please give us a call and we can suggest the best course of action as well as provide you with a quotation to remedy your situation.

Planting Relocating and Enhancements

    We can plant new trees, shrubs or hedges for shade, beautification and or privacy. If you have already removed a tree and the city requires that you now plant a new one we can assist in selecting the best tree type, size, location and shape to suit your requirements. We will plant them it well.

Storm Damage Clean Up

    Everyone has had branches or entire trees damaged or destroyed by wind, snow or ice. We are available to help you in emergency situations when trouble strikes. Keep our number and e-mail handy as we are only a phone call or e-mail away. If tree damage interferes with your hydro wires we will ensure your local distribution company is notified.