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White Glove Tree Services COVID-19 Response Plan

We acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic and are taking action to prevent the spread of this disease. We continue to offer our services under these modified conditions:

  • The team scheduled to complete your work will call upon arrival. You will have the option to address the team leader in person while maintaining 6’ or 2m of social distancing or via phone.

  • Upon completion of the work the team leader will call you to discuss the work. Our team lead will wear a mask when engaging with all customers.

  • Team members will not eat or drink on your property as this will be limited to our work vehicles and followed by hand sanitation

  • Due to the nature of this evolving virus, we will continue to monitor the information provided by public health officials and make changes to our work schedule as required to ensure the wellness of everyone.

  • Our team will work in small units. No team members have traveled outside Canada in the past three months. No team members are showing signs of illness and we are monitoring ourselves and each other.

  • We perform our work outside and for no reason need to enter your home or business or have any direct contact with clients.

  • We have supplied each truck with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes which are to be used multiple times daily to sanitize our hands as well as frequently touched surfaces.

  • Instruction have been given to team members to practice safe social distancing and to never have more than 2 team members in any vehicle at one time.

  • If you would like to meet with one of our Arborists for your quote, they will call upon arrival rather than ringing your doorbell or knocking. We are happy to conduct the site visit via phone if you would prefer to not walk the property with one of our Arborists.

  • In the event of an in person meeting we will maintain 2m distance from others as directed by public health officials. There will be no person to person contact i.e. handshaking, exchange of business cards or paper quotes. 

Together we will stay safe and prevent the spread of this disease.

Don Ross
Owner, White Glove Tree Services

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