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White Glove has proudly Served the greater Toronto region including cottage country for over a decade.


We have grown over the years to become a successful fully licensed, WSIB Compliant and insured professional tree services company. With the acquisition of University Firewood in 2008 White Glove Tree Services moved to Etobicoke and commenced operating on a year-round basis. 


We have built a first class team of certified professionals. Our experience is enhanced by our absolute commitment to "Customer Service Excellence" which we believe is industry leading. We provide a wide range of traditional tree services and provide information on the best care and maintenance of your trees and landscape features.


From humble beginnings to current day, we strive to put the you the customer first, understand your needs and objectives and make competitive recommendations to suit any budget. We look forward to working with you on your next tree or shrub project.


At White Glove we believe feedback is a gift. We welcome and encourage your comments, questions and referrals. No job is too large or too small. We invite you to try the White Glove experience.

mission vision values

 Mission + Vision + Values

Our Mission


Our mission at ​White Glove is to ​deliver the best possible service while respecting and enhancing your natural environment. We recognize that we have only one planet and it will always need care and maintenance. We strive to preserve our customer's properties using safe and quality tree-care and land management techniques. We will provide guidance to improve understanding of ecology and it's critical role in preserving our global environment, while at the same time building a ​aesthetically pleasing home environment.   


​The White Glove team are family - they are treated respectfully with safety in mind using industry best practices. Our team is "a cut above" and are committed to ​establishing a long term relationship with ​customers, based on quality workmanship, ​first rate service, and ​excellent performance. ​


​White Glove has invested over a decade into team learning, building a business that uses experience and best practices​ to deliver excellent service to our customers.

Our Vision
​White Glove Tree Services started in 2008 as a partnership to provide high quality tree work at a reasonable price.  We have grown and expanded by acquiring University Firewood to create a year round business to compliment our tree service.  Our vision continues to be to provide high quality tree work at a competitive price with the added benefit of ‘Zero Waste’.  Everything we cut is recycled, resold or reused.  
Ask Us How  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our Values


I – Integrity
We are committed to operating in a manner that is open and honest. We take our relationships seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that trust is maintained. We believe that there is never a wrong time to do what is right.

C – Customers
We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers. We recognize that if we do not care for our customers, someone else will. We are constantly focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations.

A – Associates
We take pride in our qualified, experienced, and capable associates and recognize them as our most valuable assets. Our associates are the backbone of the organization and we promote a work environment based on leadership, teamwork, training, and a standard of excellence.

R – Responsibility & Sustainability
Our work practices include operating in a manner that is responsible and safe. We strive to protect the health and well-being of the individual and the environment. In addition our long term priority is to preserve our environment by prioritizing sustainability during every step.

E – Excellence
We strive to operate with excellence in every area of our business. We take pride in our work and desire to be recognized as a leader in the tree care industry. Both outstanding teamwork and individual effort are required in order for the company to perform with excellence in all areas.


reasons to choose white glove tree
1) You Care About Cost

Tree work can be deceptive. Sometimes a job looks big (and expensive) when it isn’t. Many tree service companies take advantage of customers lack of know-how, and charge excessive rates for what is simple work. Don’t be fooled - call us and get a second opinion.

2) You Want It Done On Time

Most companies get their clients an estimate quickly, but then a month goes by, and you’ve still heard nothing. We’ve had clients through our pipeline, from the moment they called, to invoicing, in as little as 24 hours.

3) You Don’t Like Red Tape

Attaining a tree removal permit from the City of Toronto is confusing, time consuming, and if you’re not careful, extremely expensive.  At White Glove Tree Service, we pride ourselves on making tree work as simple as possible for our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, safe tree work at a competitive price.

4) You Care About the Environment

Most tree companies dump their wood into landfills. Not us. White Glove re-purposes 100% of wood products through our sister company, University Firewood. We don't go to landfills.

5) You Want a Company That Cares

Every company likes to say you’re their top priority, but how can you be sure? White Glove is devoted to a small and select client base. That means every customer is that much more important to us. We have to care.

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