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White Glove offers a variety of professional tree care services. Our certified, insured, and trained team takes pride in completing projects to the highest of standards, on time and on budget, at affordable rates.


Properly maintained environments are a necessary investment. We prioritize the long term health and sustainability of your environment to help mitigate against tree damage to people and structures.


Healthy trees beautify your home and provide a healthy environment to support wildlife habitat, absorb harmful CO2 gasses, and help protect against floods and soil erosion.


Healthy shrubs and hedges play a crucial role in shielding properties from many sources of air pollution such as car and truck exhaust. 

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white glove does tree removals

Tree Removals

tree removals

Diseased, dying or dead trees ultimately need to be removed, this process is regulated by city by-laws. Trees can be removed without a permit when they are deemed an imminent threat to property and life. Healthy trees require an arborist report followed by an application for removal permit. White Glove will guide you through the process to ensure applicable laws are adhered to. We will arrange for removal permits when they are required. Regardless of the reason, it’s essential to consult with an arborist BEFORE proceeding with a removal. With the right know-how and pruning techniques, a tree can often be saved, which is faster and more affordable. 


white glove does arborist reports

Aborist Reports

arborist reporting

Most medium and large size tree removals in Toronto require a permit. The process of acquiring a removal permit is complex, time consuming, and if you’re not careful, extremely costly.  Our certified arborists pride themselves on eliminating red tape to help clients get immediate results. That is why more than 90% of our removal requests are approved by the City of Toronto.  We provide arborist reports for all situations, from single private and public tree removals, to multiple removals related to additions, renovations, or demolition.


Firewood Delivery

white glove does firewood delivery

In partnership with our sister company University Firewood, we recycle all suitable hardwoods harvested. White Glove makes every effort to minimize tree waste sent to landfill, honouring our "Zero Waste + One Planet" philosophy. 

University Firewood is Toronto’s largest YEAR ROUND supplier of seasoned hardwood, providing delivery of seasoned quality hardwoods and kindling. The mixed hardwood includes Maple, Oak, Ash, Beech and Elm. Also offered are premium wood such as Birch, Cherry and Apple on a limited basis. We provide pick up options at our yard in Etobicoke, or home delivery and stacking for our clients. If you are pruning or removing a tree, our arborists can also cut that wood into firewood lengths, and leave it on site for you at no additional cost.


Please visit University Firewood for further details. 

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white glove does tree trimming

Tree Trimming and Pruning

tree pruning

​TREE TRIMMING AND PRUNING are essential activities that offer many important benefits:

​  + Prevents overgrowth

  + Maintains tree health to resist disease and pests, preventing injury and damage to property

  + Encourages healthy growth and a pleasing shape​

  + Increases your property value


​Correct pruning and trimming is complex and can only be done by experts. White Glove will take the time to study your trees to determine the best approach. ​This service is a fundamental aspect of tree growth and development​. Trees ​​cannot reach their full potential without regular upkeep and maintenance.​ 

At White Glove our arborists are trained in preventative tree maintenance. We anticipate a tree’s future growth, and prune it for long term health and stability. That means a safe, beautiful tree for years to come.​​

white glove does stump grinding

Stump Grinding

stump grinding

Most stumps take many years to decompose. Before that, they can be unsightly, pose a tripping hazard, or take up valuable space.  Grinding out a stump after removal is the best way to reclaim your yard. It makes planting a replacement tree faster and easier, or provides you the freedom to fill that space with whatever you’d like.


White Glove provides you the option to leave your stumps, or to grind them down at a competitive rate, and remove the excess mulch.


On Site Milling

on site milling

White Glove Tree Service is committed to recycling 100% of all tree waste. In addition to converting wood into firewood via our sister company, University Firewood, we have the equipment and know-how to turn your trees into beautiful, live edge slabs. No tree goes to waste or to a landfill! 

white glove does tree planting

Tree Planting

tree planting

In the case of some removals, the City of Toronto requires that a replacement tree be planted. Deciding what species to plant depends on many factors, from planting location, to soil type, to personal taste. To ensure you choose the best tree possible our certified arborists will provide you with replacement tree recommendations, and make arrangements to plant them. Replanting trees always enhances your property value.


We'll show you how tree planting saves you money, and protects your property value. ​

storm damage.jpg

Storm Damage Cleanup

storm damage

In case of fallen limbs, trees, or damaged property, we are available to assist you and your Insurance Company with FAST, Competitive Clean Up Services.  When dealing with fallen or hazardous trees and limbs, speed is everything. White Glove prioritizes storm damage and emergency work above all other jobs, meaning we will clear our schedule to get to our clients in need FAST.    


White Glove will work with you and your insurance company to get a competitive rate, and ensure a safe, spotless clean up.

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