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White Glove is proud to offer our new product: Live Edge Slabs

These beautiful and unique wood products can live again as works of art and as useful items such as tables, chairs, shelves...anything your imagination might create.


Live Edge Slabs come in many wood varieties, shapes, sizes, each offering a unique grain and colour.


When stained and varnished Live Edge Slabs are transformed into valuable objects of beauty rather than landfill material.    

wood slab 3.jpg


are now available

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It's Easy Being Green

WHITE GLOVE commits to a philosophy of sustainability and a gentle earth approach by reducing landfill waste by reusing tree materials. 

Tree removals are a necessary step to preserving our natural landscape. Diseased and dying trees are a danger to people and nearby structures and must be removed.


The tree removal process results in debris which have many potential uses:

* mulch for gardens and yards

* wood chips used for parks and playground

* larger tree sections can be cut, cured and finished into furniture and other works of art 

* branches and leaves are ground into pulp that return valuable nutrients to the soil

At White Glove we seek ways to reduce our carbon footprint to preserve this land for generations to come


We ask for everyone to support us in this critical initiative 

Live Edge Slab Treatment

slab 1.jpg

LIVE EDGE SLABS are skillfully milled to exacting standards.


Our process includes drying wood material over a period of time in our climate controlled warehouse - the next step requires kiln drying to remove moisture. The sanding and surface treatment process is the final step.


Surface treatment includes staining to highlight the grain and tree rings followed by varnishing to complete and protect the finished product.


Each Live Edge Slab is entirely unique and a work of art that will never fade following our treatment process.    

round sklab.jpg

The Next Step

Our team is ready -  we look forward to working with you to find the perfect Live Edge Slab to suit your needs.


Pricing will vary according to the size and dimension of the finished product. Delivery or customer pickup can be arranged.


"Raw" Live Edge Slabs are now available for purchase OR simply choose to work with us to design and build the furniture of your dreams + we provide a complete line of services


and let us know how White Glove can be of service

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